29 March 05 - Wing Leveler Servo Stuff

We'll have to wait for another day or so before the mounting hardware comes in for the Altrack, but it's probably not a bad idea to play with it just to see how all of this is going to fit together. I've been told this installation is trivial, and it probably is. I guess there's only one way to find out . . .

How the mounting brackets fit in there. Note that the bottom bellcrank bracket is replaced by the one for the servo.
Servo with the pushrod in place. It came with little prefabricated pushrods that seem to be terribly cute after working with larger ones. Cute airplane parts? Maybe I'm losing it, here.
There's the whole mechanism in there, showing how it's going to work. As soon as we get the bolts in and resolve the questions that are pondered below, it won't be much trouble to get it in there.

There are a few questions that we're still pondering, and have not yet come to any sort of spectacular answers that we're both pleased with:

In any case, we're probably just stressing too much about this and need to do any one of the options and then get some sleep. As long as you're careful with any of those methods, I expect that they would be okay.

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