29 May 05 - Rudder Stops (again), Static System Plumbing

The main goal for today is to get the empennage off the fuselage and back up onto the walls. It's been on longer than I though we were going to leave it on, and takes up a lot of room in the shop. The only thing that we have left to do before getting the tail off is getting rudder stops built. We've actually already done this, but they didn't fit right - there was too much travel, and the rudder stops wouldn't stop the rudder before it would run into the skin.

This leads to a piece of advice I would have found useful a few months ago: Wait to get the rudder stops riveted on (or even trimmed to their final dimensions) until the empennage is on the fuselage. Even though we made ours to the exact dimensions that is called for in the plans, it didn't fit correctly. They had to be a bit bigger.

All that to say - we're going to try to get the new rudder stops built and the tail off.

New rudder stops. These are larger than the ones that we built originally - compare to this picture of the old ones.
This is now the limit of the rudder's travel. That's much better.
Tail is back off! Amazing amount of room in the shop now, it seems.
Second project of the day: plumbing for the static ports. FAA-type picture - yup, that's me.
Finished product. The blue stuff is RTV.

It looks like the next big projects are going to be (in no particular order) getting the landing gear weldments in there, interior painting, and fitting the wings.

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