29 Nov 04 - Drilling the Brake Pedal Holes

This is a rather interesting step in the process, which I wouldn't have expected by just looking at the plans. However, I've talked to a few other people recently who've done this and gotten unexpected results. The goal of the process here is to get all the pedals lined up, but as people have different ideas of what that really means, you get varied results. The bottom hole (for the bolt that goes through the cylinder, brake pedal, and rudder pedal) is not drilled - you're supposed to get everything lined up and then drill it where it looks like it should go. The problem is that as the left and right pedals are a different amount of distance from the pilot, you can't just line up the brake pedals with the rudder pedals and expect them to match - you've got to line them up with the other brake pedals. As a result, the angle is going to be different, and the cylinders are going to look like they're not lined up, but that's okay. It's important to remember that the rudder pedals work from the bottom, and the brake pedals work from the top - if you can get those parts lined up, then even if other parts look weird, the mechanism will feel correct to your feet, once you're flying this thing.

Just two pictures don't show how involved this was - it was really getting everything lined up, marking where to drill the holes, taking everything apart, then drilling the holes, then putting everything back together (after deburring the holes, of course). Well, that's really still not all that involved.

Of course, I suppose we won't really know if we got everything lined up correctly until we get brake fluid in the cylinders, so we're not patting yourselves on our backs just quite yet.

Here's the setup for drilling them - make sure both the bottoms of the rudder pedals are lined up with each other, and make sure the tops of the brake pedals are lined up with each other.
Here's the finished result in the plane. Looks weird, but everything lines up, so we're happy with this result!

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