29 Oct 05 - Rollbar Attachment, Exhaust Pipes Arrive

The goal for today was to get the rollbar in - what seemed like a fairly harmless task at the beginning of they day ended up involving more complications than I thought we would have.

Also, the exhaust pipes got dropped off this morning, which is sort of odd - it was "Box 2 of 2" (according to the packing slip) of FWF stuff, but the other box has not showed up yet. Weird. Hopefully it'll show up soon.

In any case, here are a bunch of exhaust pipes - and the heat muff, which was also in this box.
Here's the rear part of the brace that goes between the rear fuselage and the rollbar. Note the extra rivets, this is complying with the 21 Jan 05 Service Bulletin from Van's.
The little rectangular hole in the center has just been dremeled. This has not been done for you on the QB kits (it's for a tipper canopy only), and we nearly forgot about it.
Notice that in this picture, the piece of metal that previously was in the center of the hole (see previous picture) is gone, too. The plans are unclear if you have to take it out, but it needs to be gone.
Rollbar is on there!
View from the underside, so you can see the clothes hanger bar - the whole brace is (sort of) riveted on there.

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