29 Sept 05 - Rudder Light Finished, Fiberglass Work

Same sort of stuff today - we're trying to finish up the rudder light and finish getting the last elevator ready to paint. Same old, same old, really.

The Super Fil that held the second nut in cured overnight, so this was good to test: looks like everything lines up.
This was a new experience - slapping a piece of fiberglass on the cap of one of the elevators. (The other one got a coat of Super Fil - we're just trying something new.)
Also, we put a layer of fiberglass over each one of the nuts, so they're now completely enclosed. This should be stronger now, but it's difficult to see in this picture.

We'll have to see how this fiberglass cap comes out (it'll cure until tomorrow) but if it comes out well, this is probably a better idea than using Super Fil to cap the end of the elevator. Fiberglass should be stronger, and because it's a thinner layer, it'll probably require less in the way of sanding and worrying about the clearance.

It remains to be seen if it'll be as smooth as the Super Fil. I guess we'll see in the next few days . . .

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