2 April 05 - Wing Wiring, Conduit Stuff

Well, we've come to some sort of a decision on what to do for running wires around the aileron bellcrank - what we're planning on doing is putting just a short conduit in the ribs that are directly around the bellcrank. We don't really want to run this all the way through the wings (difficult to get the unibit - which is the best way to drill the holes) and for most of this, the pre-drilled bushings should work fine.

Let's see how this all works out:

Oh, this came in - it's a start button from a Honda S2000. Maybe take a bit of trouble to figure out how to wire this . . . we'll get there.
Playing with the corrugated conduit. There are two different sizes of holes we've drilled, here. Both fit through, but one involves lots more squishing and working to get it through.
Running wires through the conduit - with the corrugated stuff, if you don't do something like this, it gets stuck half way through.
Wiring in the wings: you can see how the wiring that is going to the end of the wings goes through the tube, while the wires for the wing leveler don't.
Servo mounted in the wing. Bolts are going in from the bottom right now, but we're still trying to decide if that's the best way to do it. If we leave it like this, we'll need to put locknuts on the back or use locktite on it . . . something.
Mounting hardware for the wing servo - the NAS1801-3-20 bolts from Spruce.

We'll keep puttering around with the wiring in the wings - we should be able to close up the wings after we get done with that, so that's a pretty high priority.

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