2 April 06 - Routing Wires, Playing with LEDs

Still working on wiring, routing all the wires related to the Dynon, and today, we're messing around with the LEDs that will function as warning lights in the panel.

Installed some adel clamps down the center of the forward fuselage. I didn't think we were going to have to run wires here, but it seems that the wires for the EMS work best here.
LEDs with a resistor soldered in there - then the whole thing has been shrink wrapped.
Here they are all lit up. Seem plenty bright!

After a bit of testing, it's become pretty obvious that the resistors that we've got in there aren't really ideal - they seem to be getting uncomfortably hot if you leave the lights on for more than 20 or 30 seconds. Not good.

Of course, we didn't test this until all of them had finished. Darn. Looks like we may be putting some slightly larger resistors in there, so they don't get quite as hot. (The idea behind the resistors isn't to make them less bright, but to keep them from burning out. They're a good brightness right now, but a slighly larger resistor shouldn't make them that much less bright - they'll still be okay.)

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