2 Aug 05 - Subpanel, Mike Jacks

We're finally back after something of a hiatus. Wound up being on the road for work and the trip went longer than it was originally anticipated. I think that was the longest I've gone on the plane without working on it since I started the project. Wow. Let's not try that again.

In any case, back to the subpanel. We're trying to get it in the plane and start working on the microphone jacks.

There it is in the fuselage. Lots of "file it, test to see if it fits, then repeat the steps" sort of work, but now it looks like it fits well.
Same thing, just a view from the back.
And another picture of the whole thing, for no particular reason.
Microphone jacks clamped into place. They fit correctly, just need to be match drilled now.

We may be running out of stuff to do with the supanel given that the forward fuselage isn't done. Probably it's best to let that sit for awhile until we're farther along with wiring and forward fuselage stuff and go work on the rollbar for awhile.

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