2 Dec 04 - Starting the Steps

Today, we started thinking about how we're going to get the steps on this sucker. This meant that the first couple steps were pulling parts out of the RV - drilling out the floor panels (which were just pop riveted in), and pulling out a bunch of screws for for the side panels, etc. This is the first time we've had the baggage floors off, kinda neat to see . . .

View of the fuse inside with the panels out.
Here's the delimma - if we pull this panel out, then we can use solid rivets for the step. Otherwise, we have to use pop rivets.
Here's the hole in the outside skin. You can see a few things that still need to be trimmed on the inside, and the hole drilled on the inner rib to show you where to drill the second main hole. (This is on the right side of the aircraft.)
Same hole, view from the inside. You can see how that panel is going to get in the way, if we decide not to drill it out.

Well, we cleaned out that hole and confirmed that it's the right size. We'll have to drill out some more holes before we can really test fit the step, though. Also we still have to decide if we're going to pull that panel out and use solid rivets.

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