2 Jan 05 - More Flap-related Stuff

The most important project for today was to remake the part that we messed up last time (F-767). I didn't take pictures, though, if you want to see them just go to the 29 Dec 04 entry. Other than that, there's some more stuff to work on for the flaps.

Showing the baggage floor skin on top (top of picture) and tucked underneath (on the bottom of the picture). Why we're doing this is explained below.
Flap actuator covers in place. Some stuff to do with this - scotchbrite the edges, scuff them up, shoot primer, etc. You know the drill.

I've been informed (by a guy who's in the throes of an RV-9A fuselage, and slightly ahead of where I am) that if you have the baggage skin on the bottom, it makes the center flap bearing block easier fit correctly - you've got to trim it to fit the skin, and if the bottom skin is tucked underneath the one in front, then it winds up being a little cutout with a notch. Otherwise it winds up being some sort of weird curve that's more complicated to get to fit correctly.

Abnormally sunny and warm for this time of year. I like these kind of days because it's possible to open the garage door to enjoy the weather. I bet the neighbors are wondering what we're up to in here.

Looks like the project for tomorrow is going to be fixing the "oops" in F-785A. We countersunk the holes for the nutplates, and one of them got countersunk way too deeply. We'll have to come up with some way of making that work. Still have a bit of work to do with this flap-related stuff, I guess.

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