2 Jan 06 - Control Stick Grip, Magneto Timer Assembly, Etc.

Lots of seemingly random projects going on today - lots of little things to finish up.

All the rivet holes in this guy have not been countersunk yet, now they are. Actually, after a little scotchbrite, this guy should be ready to prime.
Wiring the PPT switch in the pilot's control stick. Note that the wires loop through the plate so you're not putting stress on the solder.
Same thing, just a view from the top. The three remaining holes will be for screws to attach the plate to the stick grip top . . .
. . . as you can see here. The wires, screws, and all the parts are in place, now.

This is the Ray Van Allen stick - there are a few different versions, and this is (obviously) the one that only has one button. The wires that came with the stick grip kit are thin and short, so what we're using there is thicker-gauge wire than came with the kit.

In order to use it, the holes that the wire loops through had to be enlarged slightly.

Finished product, sitting on the hood of the Miata.
Ah! The kit for the magneto timer came in a few weeks ago, but just getting around to opening it up now. These kits are resold by several different sites out there, but are manufactured by the folks at http://magnetotimer.com/.
Multiple projects going, now - drilling the seal support part to the left subpanel . . .
. . . and more progress on the magneto timer. Most of the electronics have been soldered in there.
Other side of the magneto timer - this is the speaker and backside of the main on/off switch.
Getting the cables in the subpanel . . . continue this next time!

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