2 July 05 - Map Box Reinforcements, Misc. Fuselage Stuff

Today turned into a "finishing random stuff" day. Finished some stuff related to the map box, and then started thinking about aft fuselage details. Some of this stuff has been half-complete for awhile . . . nice to have finished it up.

Reinforcements for the map box on the subpanel. Note that the vertical reinforcement is fluted to fit the bend in the subpanel.
There it is after riveting. The angle that we used on the rear side (left side of the picture) is slightly wider than called out in the plans - we ran out of the other stuff, but this is actually better for edge distances.
Side reinforcement in the process of going in.
. . . and after squeezing the rivets. Well, and pulling two of them. Nothing really interesting, except to note that this isn't worth repainting as it'll be behind the panel.
Second set of rudder stops are on. Nice to have these on, given that we started them, oh, more than a month ago.
Clamps on the rudder cables are in now. Nothing really unusual here . . .
It's getting crowded back there - the cables for the shoulder hardness cables are in there, now.
Rudder cable farings. These are not really called for in the plans, but they're fairly easy to make. We actually started working on these sometime last November and then forgot about them.

Well, tomorrow we'll try to finish up the rudder cable farings and get those onto the fuselage. Then it's back to the gas lines, which we really should be working on anyway.

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