2 June 05 - Prep for Interior Painting, Hobbs Meter

Not a lot of work got done tonight due to visitors in the shop. What we're trying to accomplish tonight, though (in addition to giving the RV bug to unsuspecting people) is to get ready to do the interior painting. Getting ready for this has taken lots more energy than I thought it was going to - pulling a bunch of parts, rivets to be pulled, etc etc. Nothing really exciting, just a bunch of prep work.

We've pulled the rest of the rivets in the seat pans - some of these came already pulled with the QB kit, but it seemed like a good idea to do the rest before painting.
Preliminary fit for the Hobbs meter. Not quite there yet - a little more filing to do. This is right above the map box - the Carbon Monoxide detector will go just to the left of this.

Tomorrow we'll probably start masking anything. The weather is pukey (humid) so the painting may not happen until this weekend.

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