30 April 05 - Mounting the Right Flap

Goal for today: let's get back to the wings, after taking the day off of metal bending yesterday to plan the panel. It's a fairly nice day, so we'll be able to open the garage door to move stuff around to get this finished.

Hinge clamped on. This is the third or fourth iteration of measuring and holding the flap up. Hopefully this is pretty close to being right.
After drilling.
Flap is on there, now. Looks like we got the position right.
Trailing edges of the flaps and ailerons - this is as close as I think we can resonably expect this to be.
Flap brace is on there. With the QB kit, you have to use pulled rivets for where it attaches to the wing spar. Oh well . . . it was a snap to put together.
According to Van's, you've got two choices for this pin - through the whole hinge in one go, or chop it up, and safety wire it in the middle. This seems like it'll be lots easier, as tough as these things are to get through the hinges. Obviously we haven't safety wired it yet, though.
We tried to get these as close as possible (within reason) - let's avoid drag, and let's keep the back of the flaps from whacking the step when you try to put the flaps down. What we were shooting for was about 1/8" from the flap edge to the bolt. This makes for around a 3/16" gap between the aileron and flap.

Well, there are a few things worth noting:

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