30 Aug 05 - Rudder Fairing Stuff

Continued work on the empennage fairings - the lower fairing for the rudder is the largest and will be the most complex due to the strobe and position light that is in the back of it. Also, it requires the most trimming, so time to get started . . .

Lines for the first cut. Time to get out the dremel . . .
. . . first cut done, and the second one drawn out.

Since I'm not entirely sure how this fits we're doing sort of incremental cuts, here. Even after cutting the second time it doesn't really fit, so we're probably about to venture into what is more of a art and less of a science.

Just a note: these red lines that you can see drawn on the fairing are the lines that come pre-traced on it, but are really difficult to see. Why they don't make the part as large as the lines are, I have no idea.

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