30 Jan 05 - Test fitting the Elevators

The plan for today is to try to get the elevators onto the horizontal stabilizer. Let's see how we do:

First, this needs to be trimmed, so the elevator tips will clear this part. Both top and bottom, left and right. Tin snips and an assortment of files helped, here.
Also, the rod end bearings (that aren't really on rods, come to think of it) need to be put into the left and right elevators. These were a real pain to get on because the threads in the nutplates had primer on them. Don't do that. These aren't in all the way, yet, there are pretty strict measurements on how far they're supposed to be sticking out. We'll get them the rest of the way in when we have to match drill stuff.
Bent nails. Woop-de-doo, you say, but we used these to have something to temporarily get the elevators on and off - it's easier to get in and out than the bolts. There's enough wiggle room that these wouldn't be a good idea to use when you're match drilling stuff, though.
Well, they're on. Nifty!
And there are the elevator horns. Sure enough, it looks like one is farther back than the other one . . . not a surprise, given that the directions warned us about this.

That's about all we're going to get done today - we're waiting for a drill guide before we match drill these suckers to the bearing on the horizontal stab, and we're waiting for an electronic level from Avery Tools before we mount the horizontal stab on the fuselage.

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