30 March 06 - Altrack Mounting, Baggage Side Panels, Glove Box Details

A couple of neat projects today - first on the schedule is finishing up a few details with the glove box. One of the stranger things that we're doing is putting a audio in jack on the inside of the glovebox. The idea behind this is that we can plug the iPod into the jack, then put it in the glove box and shut the door. Sweet!

Also, we're mounting the Altrack brain.

Here's the plug, on the left side of the glove box. This location should make it fairly straightforward to wire, and still easy to plug the iPod into.
Oh yeah - we've got felt on the bottom of the glove box, now. Should keep stuff from getting scratched, or scratching the glove box. Probably the only things that'll be in there are maps, an iPod, at least one flashlight and spare batteries for the flashlight and for the headsets. Actually, man, that is a lot of stuff.
Painting the baggage side panels. We'll try to get these in - now that the baggage floors are in, there's no reason to not put them in now.
What is this? It's a template. Discussion is below.
End result - the brain mounted just forward of the servo.

Discussion below: the altrack brain mounts using two screws, which means that we'll have to drill two holes in the angle on which it mounts. Getting back there to drill holes is pain, getting back there with a ruler and centerpunch, and getting that all lined up nicely is going to be even worse. It would be easier to do that outside of the plane, so hence the little template in the second-to-last picture up there. Line it up to the Altrack, and it all lines up, and then just use that to drill the holes in the spar.

Not particularly profound, but it took a few minutes of pondering to come up with that. It worked well, too.

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