30 May 05 - Drilling Gear Weldments

Happy Memorial Day!

We've been contemplating the best way to drill the front two bolt holes in the landing gear weldment, and a question to the RVQB Yahoo group resulted in some really good advice from Roberta Hegy. Because there is not room to match drill the forwardmost bolt hole from the inside (see the last picture), it's necessary to make a little template by match drilling the weldment to a piece of scrap. Then, put the template on the outside, and match drill that, and theoretically it all lines up.

It actually does, too. This worked perfectly both times we did it.

Template clecoed to the outside of the fuselage.
All the rear bolts have been match drilled . . .
. . . the two bolts closest to the front, showing why it's necessary to use the template.

Lots more actually happened today than there are pictures of - fitting the gear weldments in the fuselage actually was fairly complex. The left one needed to be massaged to get it to fit in there correctly, and a few bolt holes that attach the weldment to the spar had to be filed to get everything to fit in there correctly. Good day, though.

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