30 Oct 05 - FWF Kit Inventory, Baggage Floors, Rollbar

The rest of the FWF kit showed up today. On a Sunday? Well, sort of. Presumably it got left on the front porch fairly late last night because it was found this morning when it almost got tripped over. Didn't know that FedEx did midnight deliveries. In any case, we'll try to get that inventoried today.

Also, it's a beautiful day today, and given that we might not have too many of those left, we'll try to get the baggage floors painted. This means we've got to get them match drilled, deburred . . . you know the drill. They don't need to get it in today (in fact, that's not even a goal until we run some wires underneath the baggage floors), but given that the good weather won't last much longer, let's get the painting done today.

FWF kit being inventory on the kitchen table.
Baffle parts! I've heard lots of horror stories about these . . . I guess we'll see if it's really that bad.
Drilling baggage skins. Right after this, these got deburred, countersunk, painted, etc.
Rollbar is now on the plane for good. Not all of the rivets are in, but some of them are . . . this is at the point where it's together to the point where it's not holding anything else up, so probably we'll leave this alone to work on FWF stuff in the next few weeks.

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