31 Aug 04 - Things to Not Do With Pushrods

Well, actually, it's not all that bad. We're going to have to redo the W-818 pushrods, though, due to some messed up rivets and some primer that, well, could have been better. Next time, we won't just pour the primer down the tube, we'll just touch up the ends.

Time to contact Van's and re-order pushrod parts. As long as I'm placing an order, we'll get a bottle of their powdercoat touchup paint, so we don't have to use the rattle-can primer to get to the inside of a rivet hole.

W-716 pushrods after a second coat of primer. These actually came out okay.
Note the bad rivet.

General things to avoid: messing up. If you have to drill out rivets on these suckers, prepare yourself for a challenge. Because of the weird shape, any sort of irregularity in the hole is going to make the rivet go all wonky, which is how the bad rivet wound up as bad as it is - it was a second attempt.

Also, when it says "let the primer completely cure" this means for longer than I thought it did - let it sit at least overnight. Although, another option (from Dan Checkoway) is to just pour the primer down there and then shove the parts in right away - the theory is that since it's still a liquid, then enough of it will end up between the rod end and the rod that it should be okay.

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