31 Aug 05 - Canopy Latch Handle

Since we don't have enough simultaneous projects going yet on this project (uh, right) today we're starting the canopy handle.

I suppose this is the technical beginning of the finish kit, even though we don't have all of the fuselage stuff done yet.

Copy of the plans taped to the fuselage. The paper seemed to do a good job keeping the drill bit held in place - I mean, we centerpunched everything like we always do, but the paper seemed to help hold it there.
After lots of work with the dremel and a file.
It took a bit of time bending the canopy latch handle (bigger piece on the bottom) to get it straight - the big test is if it fits inside the slot that is in the fuselage, and after working with it awhile, it does.

Well, it looks like this project may not get all that far, either - the next step is making angles that go on the inside, and somehow we've run out of AA6-063 x 3/4 x 3/4 angle. Oddly enough, this exact stuff isn't carried in Spruce (as far as I can tell), so this will have to wait until an order from Van's gets in until this is continued.

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