31 Dec 05 - Random Forward Fuselage Stuff, Alternator Putterings

I wasn't really happy with the fit of the arm that is the brace for the alternator after we put it in yesterday. Although the alternator fits perfectly (the belt lines up perfectly, too) the arm has a bit of a bend in there to get it to go where you want it to. Added a washer or two (top left picture) to get it to fit better. It's nice, now.

Man, this has been an unproductive week. It shouldn't be, because I'm off of work, but I'm under the weather so I actually doing something involving physical labor makes me want to go take another nap, which seems to be the activity of choice for me this Christmas anyway.

Arm is straight - you can see the washer added between the arm and the crank in the upper right.
Vent lines are now in there - they've been in there for awhile, but now all the clamps are in there and tightened down.
More putterings - subpanel is painted . . .
. . . and after match drilling, dimpling, painting, etc., the side braces are in there.

Glad the subpanel's painted. We'll start getting stuff in it pretty soon, and now that the side braces are in there, it should end up in the fuselage before too long.

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