31 March 05 - Priming a Wing Skin, Parts Show Up

Not really a big day on the plane - sort of a busy week at work this week - but I did manage to sneak home at lunch and spritz some primer on the interior of the right wing skin. Also, some parts that I've been expecting showed up in the mail. That's about it for the day.

Painted wing skin.
Clock from Van's. I'm not entirely sure where in the panel it's going to go, but of all the clocks that I've seen, I think this one is probably the best . . . or I like it most. Either one.
Various wing-related parts that came in from Spruce: wiring, snap bushings, cable ties, etc.
This is cool - one of the cobra cable ties - note that there's no sharp edge where there usually is on a cable tie.

That's it for today - I know, not much. We'll continue tomorrow with more wing wiring stuff.

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