31 March 06 - Dynon Wiring, Riveting Baggage Panels & Top Rear Skin

A few random projects today, it seems. Also working with Dynon wiring, but alas, no pictures of that.

Before riveting . . .
. . . after riveting.

Now's actually a good point to discuss something that you'll want to avoid - the last few rivets in this line - the ones that are as far forward as possible - are going to be very difficult for us to get in there, because the rollbar's already in there. You can't see it from here, but the brace that is under the rollbar (where the seats lean back against) is where you would need to have the bucking bar when you were bucking those rivets. Not exactly sure what we'll do to get these last few rivets in - guessing that we'll be hunting for some pulled rivets for these. Bummer.

Side panels are in, sort of.

And now's probably a good point to discuss the complications we're having with these: these don't fit really well, and arguably it was a pretty bad idea to take them out in the first place. (By default, they're in when you start working on the quickbuild kit, but we took them out so we could buck the rivets that hold the steps on.) We've got to drill more holes for where this joins the bulkhead on the rear section (the rivets we drilled out there didn't go so well), and in addition, the rivets for the nutplates are problematic because you can't get a rivet squeezer in there. Probably time to get countersunk pulled rivets in this size or buy a new head for the rivet squeezer. Not sure of the best course of action yet. We'll see.

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