3 April 05 - Wing Wiring, Mapbox, Drilling Aileron Trim Handle

The wings are really about ready to close up. Maybe. It seems that with the bushings that are already drilled in the wings (and the other one that we drilled right next to it) are pretty close to the wing spar. Now that we've gotten the wires in there, it seems like they're pretty close to the spar. It would probably be a good idea to talk to a few folks before closing this up . . . I'd hate to close this up just because we got in a hurry, and then have the wires chafe the main wing spar. (Pictures below illustrate this concern.)

In any case, this is on the back burner for awhile . . . at least until we talk to Sam.

Are these okay? Seem pretty close to the spar.
Again, showing how close the wires are to the main wing spar.
Brace for drilling the aileron trim handle. We already hosed up one of these, let's see if this one will be okay.
Match drilling the aileron trim handle.

I'd love to be able to tell you that this worked, but it pretty much did not. In fact, it came out substantially worse than the last one that I just freehanded. I still think that this is a better way than just freehanding it, and probably would have worked well had we had everything lined up correctly. (Also, if you did a pilot hole and then drilled it out larger, that may work better, too. We just did it in one fell swoop, which probably wasn't a great idea.)

For what it's worth, both of these would work well, but the holes are just either a bit off center (this one) or have a bit of play in them (the first set we tried to drill). Since this is something that you've got to look at every time you are in the plane, this is probably worth getting right - just for the way it looks.

Starting to think about the map box. We'll probably getting this together in the next few days, as the wings are on hold.

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