3 Aug 05 - Rollbar Mounting, Running Brake Lines

Moving on to the rollbar: we recently received parts from Van's to comply with Service Bulletin 05-1-1 (here's the .pdf). This impacts how the rollbar brace (which is a new part) attaches to the aft bulkhead. There's no good reason to not get started on that, so . . . here we go.

View from the back . . .
. . . and from the front.

We've been messing around with the brake lines, and have found many things that do not work. These have by and large not been detailed on the site, but today we found something that does work, so it is: you've got to feed this stuff through the holes that it's supposed to go to, bending it as it gets crammed in there, and then flair it once it's in there.

Probably anyone that's worked with these lines has noticed that these are a much larger pain than the smaller ones for the vent lines.

Here's how it works . . .
. . . and here's the result.
What will eventually be the microphone jacks. The plans for this are a little sketchy, so getting the holes drilled in the right place involves a bit of guesswork. Hope this works!

Same sort of stuff tomorrow: we'll do the other brake line and keep working on the microphone jack mounts.

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