3 Feb 05 - Seat Belts, C-Clamps

No time logged on the plane tonight, but general putzing around the shop and a quick trip to Home Depot to try to find clamps. The next step is going to involve drilling the bolt holes to mount the horizontal stab to the fuselage, and right now I don't have any clamps that will let us do that. Sadly, the neighbors don't either, so it's off to Home Depot.

These showed up in the mail, too. These are the seat belts from Van's, and not what everyone generally agrees are the better (and more expensive) ones from Hooker. The main difference, as far as I can tell, is that these don't have a crotch strap. That's fine, I don't think I'll have a need for that as negative G's in an aircraft with a carburated engine isn't recommended.
A few different kinds of clamps from Home Depot. I'm not sure which ones will fit best for this particular task, but it does make life easier to have a lot of clamps around. I'm sure they'll all get used eventually.

Sorry for the lack of excitement tonight, we'll give it another shot tomorrow.

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