3 Jan 05 - Work on flap actuator channel

What we're working on (today and the tomorrow, too) are two parts that look pretty similar - the flap actuator channel (which is the angled part in front) and another brace (hereafter the "rear brace," because I don't want to have to look up the part number) - they look the same, and it took me quite a while of staring at it trying to figure out what we did to what, given that I'm writing this commentary after the fact. Hopefully it's all not confused by the end . . . we'll see.

Mounting nutplates on the rear channel (the front one has been primed).
Here is how the bent plate came out - nice fit, but then again, it better be - this was the second time we made this part.
Channel mounted with the tunnel cover so we can see how it fits together.
Fix for yesterday's oops. We made a little doubler plate, mounted the nutplate to that. Looks like it'll work.

Looks like tomorrow we'll try to finish this up - get the doubler riveted on there and everything together.

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