3 June 05 - Masking the Fuselage

Today we started prepping to paint the interior. Originally, I thought this was going to be a one-evening project with two of us working, but after an evening of working, it's not done, so apparently that's not the case.

Masking off the back and sides of the fuselage.
Masking off the spar.
Investigation of the lower engine mount bracket (WD-603). I noticed that there appears to be a crack running fore to aft where the bottom and side meet. As this is on both sides and appears to be stop drilled in the corner, I'm guessing it's intentional.

About the only piece of useful advice that was applicable tonight was to not use a single piece of masking tape to both block paint and hold the paper (or dropcloth). Put a piece of tape where you want the paint to be blocked, and then tape the newspaper to that piece of masking tape.

We'll finish this up and start painting next time.

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