3 March 05 - Landing Gear Holes

We've managed to get through the project this far without having a dremel (or some functional equivalent - apparently that's the brand), and this seemed a good a time as any to pick one up. Let's see how we do with it.

Craftsman "high speed rotary cutting tool," since we're not allowed to call it a dremel, apparently. This is the variable-speed one.
Ideally, it would be nice to cut these before the fuse is together, but with the QB kit, that's not really an option. Traced the plans, cut the hole out, and then traced that onto the skin with a sharpie.
After a bunch of work with the dremel - here's the left hole.
And here's the right one. Both of these are going to require a bit more work before the holes are large enough, but this is where they are now.
Shop mascot. This was about as close as he wanted to get, what with the noise. The little box to the right contains a pair of vintage WWII cleco pliers (and equally old clecos) that we're not using.
FAA-type picture. Yup, it was us that really built this! That's me on left, and dad on the right.

Looks like next time we've got to keep working on finishing these holes. We've got a few things going at the same time, so we'll see if we really get to that . . .

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