3 March 06 - More Wiring, Mounting the Wigwag Flasher

Adventures in wiring today: we're messing with the wigwag, here. The way that we wanted to wire it (i.e., using only one off-on-on switch for landing lights both off, landing lights wig-wagging, and landing lights on solid), it requires a full wave diode, which we bought from B&C - it's their D-25.

Here's the diode - with the necessary wires attached. This is sitting on the aft side, just above where the glovebox will penetrate the subpanel.
Wigwag flasher - there's a little tab attached, so it can't fall out - and in addition, parts of the inside (which, obviously, you can't see) is covered with anti-chafe tape.

The little tab to hold the wigwag flasher - which you can see in the second picture, it's yellow because it's covered with electrical tape - doesn't really work as well as ideally it should have. It needs to extend just a bit farther over the flasher in order to really effectively hold it in there.

That will probably get remade again.

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