3 May 05 - Left Bottom Wing Skin Riveting

This is the second evening of working on the bottom left wing skin. (No pictures from last night - it looks just like the right wing.) We made much more progress tonight than we did last night, and we'll finish it up tomorrow without much trouble at all.

Interestingly enough, we're finding that this one is also easier to rivet in a vertical position. It's a bit more awkward because Dad (who is holding the bucking bar) is right handed, and this particular wing lends itself better to using a left hand for the bar, but it's still working well.

This is about the only part that's been different, actually: we slapped a layer of RTV between the skin and the reinforcement bracket for the pitot tube mount.
Status at the end of the evening - almost done!
More fake instruments on the panel. This is actually pretty exciting, though - the Dynons should be showing up within a week or so, and the Apollo SL40 should be here in a week or so, too.

Looks like we can finish this up tomorrow and start on the flap brace stuff.

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