3 Oct 05 - Wingtip Foam, Wingtip Plexiglass Covers, Etc.

Well, we discovered something else that doesn't work. Investigating the wingtips today revealed that the shape had been somewhat distored because of the foam on the inside. This stuff is supposed to expand after you put it in, and because the top dried first, the stuff on the bottom didn't have a place to expand into, so it just pushed out on the fiberglass. Not so good. Also, because it was underneath so much foam, it didn't dry. We tried to pull all of it back out of the wing, and found a bunch of still-liquid goop underneath, which resulted in having to throw away at least one pair of gloves. Just so you know, though: the liquid stuff is a real pain in the rear to get off of your skin.

Back to square one with that: we'll have to come up with a different way to reinforce the wingtips . . . or not do it at all. We'll see.

After a bunch of scraping and cutting. Fortunately, the wingtip popped back into its correct shape after we got all the foam out.
Oh yeah - although we got all the wingtip nutplates done yesterday I didn't get the second plexiglass piece drilled and countersunk until today.
Using a "normal" three-blade deburring (or countersinking) bit in plexiglass has a tendency to chatter and leave bumps and ridges. This nifty countersink bit (with only one cutting blade) doesn't chatter and produces a much smoother result.
Top of the rudder: the fiberglass fairing didn't go as far back as the rudder, so we're using Super Fil to build it up into a nice curve . . . this'll have to cure and get sanded tomorrow, though.

More stuff tomorrow . . . almost done with the whole prep-the-empennage-and-wingtips stuff, thank heavens.

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