3 Sept 04 - The Bushing Fits!

We took the bushings over to Don Corder's house this morning (where I kicked myself for not bringing my camera), and he put them on a lathe, and 5 minutes later they were both right . . . sort of. It turns out that we had managed to drill out one of them at an angle that wasn't completely straight, so the bolt would get stuck when it was half way in or out. That's probably okay, but Don said "Hey, I can just make a new one. Watch this!"

Well, a few minutes later he's duplicated the bushing that Van's sent us, after starting with a solid brass rod. It looks better and fits better than the ones that we worked on, so we'll use that one instead. I find it interesting that we managed to mess up a piece of brass when using a reamer - the whole point of using a reamer is to not drill it out at an angle like a drill bit would do. Perhaps the moral of the story is that reamers, when used by hand, are only as precise as the reamer operator. I don't think I can really justify buying a lathe for this project (this is probably the only time that you'd need one), so perhaps a more applicable moral of the story is to use whatever in order to get the bolt to fit, and be satisfied with something that's not completely perfect. To quote Van's - "It's not a Swiss watch, it's just an airplane!"

"Exploded" view of the bellcranks, bushings, and bolts. If this had been in the plans, we wouldn't have been sitting around scratching our heads saying "what bushing?"

In the evening, we had a rather frustrating time when we didn't get much of anything done at all. We're still missing a few tools, we'd like to redo the smaller pushrods but the parts aren't in yet, and we had the ability to start a few things but finish nothing. Oh well. Tomorrow's the open house, so we cleaned the shop really well and took all the safety keys out of the band saw, drill press, and grinder, in anticipation of parents bringing younger children tomorrow. Everyone keeping all their fingers is good.

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