3 Sept 05 - Nosewheel Together, Packing Bearings

Hopefully lots of finishing up stuff today, since the main wheels and tires are together (except for packing the bearings) and the nosewheel is together except for getting it attached to the axel and all that. Let's see how we do:

The axel for the nosewheel is a bolt - probably one of the larger ones on the plane, and here it is with one side missing so you can see the inside.
There it is completely together.
Where the nosewheel will eventually go - bolt has been torqued, grease on it to prevent rust, etc etc.
Packing the bearings for the main wheels. These are easier to do than the ones for the nosewheel, as there's not a cover on it and the grease can get completely through.
Nosewheel on the fork.
Closeup of the bottom of the nosewheel mechanism.

It's worth noting that if you torque the main axel bolt to the spec that you're supposed to, the nosewheel does not want to turn. This doesn't really mean you've done anything wrong (mine did that, and a call to David Edgemon - RV-9A builder down the road - confirmed that his still does the same thing). The reason is (apparently) the rubber seal that holds the grease in the bearings has a lot of squishability (is that a word?) in it, and if you torque it down to what would otherwise be the correct spec, it doesn't like to turn. This gets better with use, according to David, but maybe it's worth not torquing as much as you'd think, and then using safety wire? Dunno. We'll continue contemplation.

There it is together, anyway, and (barely) able to spin.
Working on getting parts onto the main gear legs.

Well, tomorrow we'll work on getting the main gear legs on.

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