4 Dec 05 - Canopy Latch, Battery Box Top

Oil cooler showed up in the mail today. The one that we decided to go with was the Positech, which is not the one that typically comes with the Van's FWF kit. There are actually three types - in order from least powerful (so to speak) to most powerful - the one that typically comes with the Van's FWF kit (not sure what the name is off the top of my head), the Positech (which this is), and the Stewart-Warner, which is typically used for the IO-360 Angle Valve Installations.

From all the stories I've heard, the Positech generally has enough snort to be able to cool just about any 180 HP O-360 installation. Sometimes they have to be taped off if they are making everything too cool, but it's easier to block it off so it cools less than to have the opposite problem.

Positech oil cooler. Woopdedo.
This is now in there. Had some trouble with this: in order to get it to fit, I had to grind down the end of the tube. Long story short - ground off too much, and then I had to stick couple washers in the bushing block to make it the right length. Fits now.
Although the battery tray's been done for awhile, I just got around to making the top for it today. Nothing really complex - just use the unibit to make all the holes in the top.

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