4 Feb 05 - Match Drilling Horizontal Stab Bolt Holes

It's worth noting a couple different things, here: we're taking a ridiculously long time to mount the empennage, because we're measuring things more than is necessary and spending entirely too long getting it perfect. Some folks would say we're doing that for the whole project, but whatever. I think it's more justifiable at this point in the project, especially for those of us who have been getting used to the matched hole business. No matched holes for these parts, so let's take our time!

All that to say that all we did today was measure everything a whole lot (no pictures of that - it wasn't exciting, trust me) and then match drill the bolt holes for the bolts that are in the forward side of the horizontal stab.

Yeah. Those holes right there. Note the lines drawn all over the place.

A few things worth noting, though. Maybe. We didn't exactly follow the directions here, what we did was to tape the spacers in (masking tape works fine), then put the horizontal stab on the fuselage, and then match drill a pilot hole through the entire thing. (Note that this isn't what the directions tell you to do, but I think it works okay.) Then we took everything apart (!) and drilled it out to size. Not match drilling the final hole there isn't really ideal, but it's an extremely difficult hole to drill because of the lip on the upper half of the spar on the horizontal stab - we had to use a right angle drill for the pilot holes, and that was a pain in the butt. So, do we use a right angle drill (at which point we know the holes will be lined up, but may be crooked), or take it off and drill it (in which case the holes won't be crooked, but they may not line up)? Tough call.

Or you could just follow the directions, whatever they are. Either way.

Darn. Looks like there are some shavings between layers of metal, in there . . . gotta see if I can beg/borrow/buy/steal a chip chaser tomorrow.

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