4 Jan 05 - Finishing the Flap Actuator Channel

Not much on the schedule today except for finishing up the flap actuator (and finishing the fix that we came up with yesterday), and then getting everything together to test the fit. Next on the schedule is to start working on the tie-down ring on the tail, so we'll start that tomorrow.

The cleco'ed doubler plate with the nutplate attached. View from the inside . . .
. . . and the view from the outside. Looks like it will work.
Test fitting the entire actuator channel assembly with the side panels clecoed in place. Looks good.
Another view? Why not. The top of the side panels had to be trimmed a bit so they wouldn't foul on the crossbrace at the top.

That's it for tonight . . . we'll start messing with the tail tiedown tomorrow.

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