4 June 05 - Interior Painting

Today we're going to try to get the interior fuselage painted. This is going to be something of an adventure as we haven't painted anything quite this substantial yet. We're using the same sort of Valspar rattle can stuff that we've been using for all the other interior paint, and I guess it will be interesting to see if we still like the color when we see this much of it at the same time.

The rationale behind using rattle can paint on the fuselage: it's not quite as durable as some other potential solutions (epoxy paints), but there's a large amount of attractiveness to being able to touch it up as easily as I think we'll be able to with just rattle can stuff. We're using Valspar Satin Finish Taupe, and it seems to be avaliable at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc etc., so I don't anticipate not being able to get more.

In any case - let's see how this works:

Masking the fuselage off . . .
. . . more masking the fuselage off.
The way everything looks after two coats. We'll let it dry overnight before attempting anything else.

We're planning on letting that cure overnight before doing anything else. While it's a possibility that there is some touchup work that needs to be done, everything looks okay right now, so we're going to call it a day.

Color looks just fine, which is good, because we're pretty much going with what we've got, now.

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