4 March 06 - Wiring, Conduit Mounts, Getting the Controls Together

As we're doing the wiring, we're figuring out that quite a bit of the time that is taken up is by attaching clamps, running conduit, etc - all of the prerequisites of getting wires to go where you want them to, so to speak.

There's a few things that fall into that category that take place in the back of the plane, under the baggage floors. If we can get these things done, then we can get the baggage floors in, which will be something of a morale boost in addition to making it lots easier to work in the back of the plane, too.

The conduits that we are running under the baggage floors and seatpans don't have a nice place in front to terminate, so these little guys will be where they mount in front.
Here's where they are going to mount - they'll be riveted to the bottom skin.
Patch on the botton skin underneath the baggage floor - dropped a part on this and put a nice ding in the skin a few months ago, finally got around to fixing it now.
Controls are in, hopefully for good. They're in at this point so we'll be able to figure out how to route wires around them - the conduits that run back underneath the baggage floors need to not interfere with these, as well.
Wiring up the switch for the flaps. This turns out to be a big bundle because it has to drive the the motor in both directions. Good idea to bench-test it before putting it in the plane, which we did.

Probably worth saying something about patching the baggage floor. This was not something that really was necessary, it was just one of those things that makes me sleep a little bit better at night. What we dropped in there didn't penetrate the skin, and we pushed it back into shape with a rivet gun on really low power and the backing plate inside the plane. Worst case, before we pushed it back into position, it looked liked it had been centerpunched.

In a brief conversation with the local EAA tech counselor, he told us it didn't really need to be patched, but patching it wouldn't hurt anything, either.

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