4 May 05 - Left Wing Skin Finished, Flap Brace Stuff

Something else about all this that we're finding out is that the PVC conduit that we ran down the wing is a serious pain in the butt when you're trying to buck the rivets that are in that area. Take a look at the picture of where the conduit is to see why this is true. Maybe there was a way to put this along the side, so it was still not touching the pushrod but was still farther away from the skin . . . I'm not entirely sure. This was all doable - no pop rivets, mind you - but it was more trouble than we expected.

Don't know if you wanted to know all that, but okay.

Ta-daa! It's done.
Starting flap brace stuff - lots of drilling, dimpling, deburring, etc etc to do. You know the drill. This (not surprisingly) lines up just like the one on the right wing. Same deal.

We should have a pretty good chance of getting all that next time we're out here, which is a good thing. Probably this won't be a good RV weekend because of family obligations, so if this can get finished up tomorrow night, I'll be pretty pleased. This has been more productive than our usual weeks.

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