4 Nov 04 - Fabricating Seat Parts, Etc.

We're starting to work on the seat parts. There are holes that can be drilled in the F-638 Seat Brackets, but they're not a size that we've got a hole saw for (the plans call for a 2 1/4 hole), so a trip to Harbor Freight is necessary. They've got an adjustable hole saw that was only about $7. It's says that it's designed to cut wood, but a few scrap pieces of aluminum later, we've determined that it works okay on thin aluminum as well.

Adjustable hole saw - Harbor Freight, $7.
F-638 Seat Brackets with the holes drilled. These actually came out better than we expected.
Unrelated, but important - the rivets on the short aileron pushrods needed to be flatter (per the tech inspection). This is the flatter version.
More seat back/brace parts. Not much has been done so far except to radius corners, still have to be drilled.
Time to get some new Scotch Brite pads. This one is developing more holes than there is pad.

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