4 Oct 05 - Eempennage parts, Checking clearance

We've gotten lots of filler work done on the empennage, but it's all been working on the parts separately, and although we checked the clearance before we started using filler on this stuff, it's a pretty good bet that there is still work to do in that department. Let's put everything together and find out:

After a bit of sanding and filing, this one looks okay.
Top of the rudder - still some sanding to be done here. How it is now, actually, is close to being done (after the sanding tonight) but it probably needs another layer and another sanding session.
First time we've had the rudder fairing on the rudder while the rudder is on the fuselage.
And sure enough, we're having a clearance problem here. Not quite sure how to fix this yet.
Horizontal stab and rudder: a bit of a clearance problem at the top. We'll have to get this back off the plane in order to be able to sand it.

For the next week, Dad's going to be out of town, so there was time tonight devoted to figuring out one-man projects that could be done over the next week. Rudder cable fairings, figuring out foam for the wingtips, and working on the website are planned for the next week, among other things.

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