4 Sept 04 - Open House

We have all told lot of our friends about this project, and as a result there were lots of non-aviation folks that wanted to see what a half-completed airplane looks like. We decided to try all these visits into one day, and invite everyone that we've told about the project. Although it means one day of not getting anything done on the plane, it'll probably save time in the long run - as opposed to 15 or 20 individual tours of the shop.

In any case, it was lots of fun. We had a steady stream of folks coming through from about 10.30 AM to after 5 PM. We were able to answer lots of questions, satisfy a bunch of people's curiosity, and a good time was had by all. Total, we had just over 25 people come through and look at the project.

I like this sign - courtesy of my mom.
That's RV-7A builder Jim Harchanko, with his head in the fuselage. Jim showed up and answered a bunch of our questions and offered general advice on the finer points of RV-7 construction, which was terrific.
Organization of parts (which my mother has been doing - thanks mom!) is being discussed here.
Contemplating airplane parts.

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