4 Sept 05 - Wheels are On!

It's on the feet! Well, temporarily, since we're missing some necessary bolts. It's advised to not put on the aluminum braces for the wheelpants on until you're planning to put the wheel pants on - i.e., flying it with only the aluminum braces without the wheel pants isn't so great for them. Because I'm planning on getting wheel pants and fairings on after the plane flies, we'll need to get some shorter bolts because they don't have to hold the aluminum pieces onto the brakes and the rest of the stuff down there.

View from the inside.
View from the outside.
There's the whole thing. No sawhorse in the front anymore!

There's still some stuff that needs to be done here - brakes, drilling the outer part for safety wire, and the bolt holes between the brake pads and the steel powdercoated part that the brake pad connects to (U-403, if I'm reading the plans correctly) needs to be match drilled, or something. In any case, the holes aren't big enough and may or may not quite line up.

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