5 Dec 04 - Steps, Cover Plates, Etc.

Kind of a miscellaneous day, today. The immediate project is to finish up the steps, but we're starting to try to come up with an organized way of just figuring out what else needs to be done. What we're going to try is to start at the back of the plane and work forward, so at least we have more of an idea of what we're doing on any given week.

That's the excuse for wanting to put tail parts on, anyway. Let's just see how it all fits together! This was just fun and a rather large morale boost - hey, suddenly it looks lots more like an airplane.

Yay! It looks like an RV!
This is actually too tall to fit out the garage door. Hmmm.
Here it is with the back bulkhead pulled off. This will make it easier to get nutplates in, get the tiedown installed, and the rudder stops on. (On the QB kits, you have to pull out a few pop rivets to get this out.)
Shape of the step is getting better.
Drill, debur, countersink, rivet nutplates on. You know the drill.

Getting the step to the right shape isn't so much difficult as much as it is just something of a time sucker - bend it, put it in the plane, look at how it doesn't fit, take it out of the plane, and repeat the process. Apparently there are a different ways to bend the step, but we've been using a big crescent wrench (as opposed to whacking it with a rubber mallet), and that seems to be working well. Quieter, too.

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