5 Feb 05 - Chip Chaser, Horizontal Stab Stuff

The day started out with re-familiarizing myself with how to fly airplanes - tough to keep that skill up with this many parts in the garage, but I guess it's got to be done. We were greeted with a georgeous Saturday, so we got to open the door to the shop (garage), so all the neighbors could see that we're nuts.

Down to business - made this out 0.016 aluminum - seemed pretty flimsy, but it works well - after a extensive playing with it to see how it would work, I was able to get all the chips out from between all the layers of metal.
We had forgotten to drill the hole for the manual trim when we were at Alexander, so here that is.
Match drilled holes between the horizontal stab rear spar and F-711C. More about this in a sec.
Now they've been drilled out all the way and the bolts are in there. Measuring this reveals that it's pretty darn straight, so that's good.

A few observations that may or may not be that interesting:

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