5 July 05 - Forward Wing Attach Brackets

Happy belated Fourth of July! Okay, back to the project:

Dad's been busy! While I was spending the 4th getting sunburned on a waverunner, he was putting up insulation in the shop. This should help a lot in the mornings when the sun is hitting the door.
Rocket J. Squirrel is now watching over our efforts in the shop. I'll be lucky if I get through this project without a picture of this little guy on the tail of the RV. Hopefully he'll settle for being co-pilot during the test phase. I guess we'll see.

Okay, on to actual airplane work: more angle showed up from Van's, so we can remake the angles that didn't come out perfect when we tried to make them a week ago. We've got to make those and then start thinking about getting this all attached in the right places.

In order to do that, the 5 rivets that have blue circles on them are going to have to be drilled out. The top and bottom ones will be replaced with larger bolts, but the center three will get replaced with rivets that are the same size as what's in there now, so we've got to be careful.
Everything match drilled - the angle (which you can see) and the spacers (which you can't).

Not done yet - this needs to be match drilled to fit the bracket that does on the outside, and everthing has to come back out to be primed.

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