5 March 06 - Running the Conduit, Riveting the Left Baggage Floor

We've been pondering the best way to secure the RTV line, and we finally came up with something today that we're pretty confident will work. The goals here are to (a) eliminate vibration, and (b) keep it from sliding back and forth. This has to be balanced with the observation that PVC and aluminum have different coefficients of expansion. However, the little brackets we built yesterday have enough flex in them that they should be able to bend back and forth fore and aft when that becomes necessary.

In any case, what we've come up with is a rivet through the PVC, and because you don't really want that vibrating against the bulkhead, there's a wiretie (pulled nice and tight, so it can't slip over the rivet head) between them. Put these on both ends, and it can't slide back and forth. That doesn't do much for stopping vibration, though, so the PVC-to-bulkhead area gets slapped with a dollup of RTV.

Aforementioned contraption to keep the pipe from moving fore or aft. (This is a smaller test piece, obviously not in the plane.)
Conduit in the back. The RTV in there is to keep it from vibrating around - it'll get the rivet and wiretie treatment aft of the bulkhead in order to keep it from sliding back and forth.
Baggage floor is riveted in - we're borrowing a pneumatic rivet puller from a -9A builder down the road, and that makes this a whole lot easier.

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