5 Nov 05 - Brake Lines, Gascolator Brace, Relay Doubler

Now that there's an engine sitting in the garage, there's a big motivation to finish up the punch list of things that needed to get done before the engine is attached: today we'll try to finish up the brake lines (inside the plane, anyway), get and start thinking about a couple of the items that actually have to get attached to the firewall.

Getting the ends of the brake lines, it should be noted, wasn't really a total walk in the park. In order to get the the fitting inside the line, you will probably need to soak the line in boiling (or at least really hot) water for a minute or so. Also, using a deburring bit on the plastic makes it easier to get the inside fitting started. After that's on, you'll have to get the outside fittings crammed down on top of the end, and soaking the whole contraption in boiling water makes that easier, too. You'll need to the large outside threaded part close enough to the end of the tube so it can thread into the attachment on the brake cylinders.

The first picture below shows the result that you'll get about half way through the process:

At this point, the two outside fittings are ready to be squished down close to the end of the tube.
Here's the finished product.
Making this part is fairly straightforward - just follow the plans. This is a doubler for where the master relay and starter relay mount to the firewall.
This is a brace for the gascolator, which has to be match drilled to the firewall and braces on each side. This pictures was taken about half way through drilling all the holes.

Okay, a few notes:

We'll probably prime and paint the gascolator bracae and relay doubler tomorrow before getting them riveted on.

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